Designed for high performance and constant product quality.

OL CS machines, ranging from 420 tons to 5500 tons of clamping force, are designed for high performance and constant product quality.
IDRA is constantly developing OL CS range, with innovative solutions designed to answer all the latest production requirements.

  • Closed loop pressure control – the new pressure control allows to manage the injection pressure and correct it in real time
  • Drive Control Pump – the DCP reduces the consumption of the machine. It’s basically an asynchronous nominal motor that has equipped an encoder that counts the revolutions with an implementation of the software that manages the motor's capacity.
  • Laser Platen foot measurement – the Laser Platen foot measurement reads the consumption of the moving floor skates in real time and give immediate feedback, so you can always maintain the stability of the machine
  • Temposonic measuring – the Temposonic sensor tracks every move of the Intensification Piston, so you can make corrections much faster
  • Analog fluid control – the analog fluid control gives us the opportunity to see in real time the fluid level and temperature, fundamental Key Point Indicators to measure and improve machine performance.
  • Rapid Die Change – with the Rapid Die Change package all the die change operations are automatic: changing the mold is much easier and safer, and the machine downtime is dramatically decreased






OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. OL CS improves Quality, Performance and Availability (reducing Stop Time).




Forward thinking Eco Complimentary Commitment to the world we live in: it's IDRA's mission to work with a green eye on the future, in order lo hand our world to the next generation better than we found it.




The compact mechanical structure and robust dimensions have been designed to provide long life and reliability and allow easy and quick maintenance.




The new award winning Inject Computer 3.0 offers the best in class machine management software, to operate OLCS with great ease of use. Incorporating a multi touch screen and 3D diagnostics with single point setting for integrated peripheral automation.