OL 5500 / 6200 CS

Welcome to the era of the Giga Press

General manager Riccardo Ferrario announces that Idra has got the first order in the world for one OL 5.500 CS HPDC machine. IDRA is again the first company worldwide that can offer a Giga presses on the market.

IDRA focuses on powerful and sophisticated machines for a demanding market such as the automotive industry, and it became the first company to build machines for structural elements.
Today IDRA produces the largest machines in the world, 5500 ton and 6200 ton presses. Recently IDRA received the first order in the world for a 5,500 ton press, and other orders will follow shortly.
Even in this case IDRA started off first on these projects which seemed to be impossible and now IDRA can deliver Giga presses in standard times.

Producing more in order to sell more, exploiting IDRA know-how to provide the market with the right product at the right time, therefore endeavouring to make presses increasingly smart, so as to provide the user with the possibility of realizing an increasingly competitive product.

IDRA Giga Press Innovative Goals:

• new solutions for the hydraulic plant, capable of determining a certified 40% saving on energy consumption
• more stable injection conditions in all phases, so as to guarantee the best possible dynamic force in every possible operating phase and therefore the possibility of manu- facturing larger structural castings with thinner walls
• a deep evolution in the body of cars, doors and protection, improving aesthetics and modularity
• as regards Industry 4.0, development of new architectures for the die casting cell with a central control hub monitoring the press and all other peripheral equipment, so as to ensure the central role of control programming and the simplification of the commissioning of machines at the clients’ premises.

“True innovators, that’s what we are. At IDRA we are always trying to make what the others dream, a reality. We want to be first in making innovations that the market dreams of. Our history speaks for us” (Riccardo Ferrario)




OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. OLCS improves Quality, Performance and Availability (reducing Stop Time).




Forward thinking Eco Complimentary Commitment to the world we live in: it's IDRA's mission to work with a green eye on the future, in order lo hand our world to the next generation better than we found it.




The compact mechanical structure and robust dimensions have been designed to provide long life and reliability and allow easy and quick maintenance.




The new award winning Inject Computer 3.0 offers the best in class machine management software, to operate OLCS with great ease of use. Incorporating a multi touch screen and 3D diagnostics with single point setting for integrated peripheral automation.