Inject Computer

A new vision for advanced die casting

Inject Computer 3.0

The third generation of Idra Inject Computer, designed and realized by Idra technicians, represents the state of the art of the control systems and the management of machine parameters.

  • faster
  • more stable and protected
  • easier
  • diagnostic in 3D

The max velocity of the page changing has been realized with a new supervisor system called ICONICS, based on a technology with 64 bits and integrating the communication system OPC directly on the PLC.

Stability and protection of the storage system of the data is guaranteed by using a Microsoft SQL Server including SYBASE ASA 12.

It is easier to use because it has a touch screen with LED in 18”, the best in definition of characters and easy to use. The design has a immediate impact: the parameters of the injection curves are in different colors, as well as the data correlated. A bigger use of self-describing icons permits a fast navigation and a simple understanding. The dimensions of the monitor permits to visualize more data for each page.

The use of a diagnostic in 3 D makes it for the operator easier to find out the origin of the alarm / defect; it is possible to rotate the image and to zoom on details of the representatives models of the machine and the complete cell.