The Superior Choice.

The Premium Die Casting Machine from IDRA


NEO introduces a new chapter in high end die casting technology.

NEO is the new paradigm in die-casting ‘Giga’ solutions (going from 340 to 6200 tons).

NEO is anticipating the future of OEM, offering the perfect solution for the production of aluminum parts for Hybrid – full electric vehicles (Structural, Battery box, Rotors) and Production of large aluminum parts made with full automated HPDC cells (Blocks, Auto gears, Multi-cavity structural).

NEO innovative technology offers best-in-class performance with excellent injection performance, a high dynamic force with strong intensification for final pressure and a complete setting flexibility with precise, and stable production parameters.

Idra Group is going all-in in Forward thinking Eco Complimentary Commitment. NEO is the first IDRA system fully designed for a sustainable foundry or “Efficient Manufacturing Facility” in order to meet these amazing accomplishments:

  • Low scrap waste from production
  • High efficiency and optimized energy usage
  • Sustainable factory environment taken into consideration at the design stage.
  • Helping to lower industrial production costs.

NEO also offers unparalleled guaranteed long life and reliability.



Low Energy cost

Energy efficient motors with speed control.
Minimized injection pressure loss and accumulator recharge time.


Fast cycle times

Integrated high flow hydraulic manifold blocks
Increased pump capacity utilizing DCP technology.


User friendly controls

Inject Computer 3.2 (best in class machine management software).
Eliminated push button Unit using Multiple touch screens.
Cell controller Single point setting for integrated peripheral automation.


Easy maintenance and minimal risk of fluid loss

All-in-one hydraulic manifolds.
Limited use of external pipe-work.
Designed-for-access mechanical groups with new guard design.


Fit for complex parts manufacture

Closed loop 5S regenerative control of the injection velocity.
Programming and control of process parameters.