The Premium Die Casting Machine from IDRA


New Injection Series 5S©

Closed loop regenerative injection with aux servo pump for efficient recharge.

Extended velocity control valve life by balance of hydraulic forces.

High dynamic force necessary to fill difficult castings.

Maintaining same final pressure requirement for porosity in power train castings.


New Guarding System

Reducing complex electrical parts and stops.

Simplified assembly of the system with modular scalable construction.

Increased safety requirements for access while machine is running.

Reduced emissions from the die casting process.


DCP Hydraulic System

Reduced energy consumption per cycle of the DCM cell.

Separated closing and injection pump systems.

Allowing subgroup testing for the injection system.


Cell Controller Integration

A more efficient way of managing the software requirements for complicated cells.

Standard DCM software avoids instability and unnecessary stops.

Flexibility and customization for many different configurations.

Easy integration with the best in market products.