The new Guarding system developed by IDRA


NEO DCM Guarding System

NEO debuts the new Guarding system developed by Idra Group following the ‘Foreco. Forever’ philosophy: eco-sustainability and efficiency.

The innovative system comes with reduced manufacturing costs and impact: the toggle guarding can now be eliminated using a closed system with light barrier protection, and difficult to manufacture sheet metal gear guards are no longer needed. The NGS goes the ‘less is more’ route with a simplified electrical installation, a minimalistic design that reduces components and removes cable and switches.

These improvements - together with a DC motor with direct belt drive - allows for a faster movement of the guards and a quicker cycle.

The new design is also easily customizable: customer name and logo can be added to rear panels and colour scheme can easily be modified on request.

Servo Drive

Faster Guard movement

Reduced Wear

Simplified Design

Total machine protection

Easy customization