Cell Controller

The new 4.0 architecture developed by IDRA


IDRA Cell Controller

IDRA Cell Controller is a brand new 4.0 architecture developed by IDRA and available in all the new machines, to perform efficiently the software requirements for complicated cells.

From a single ‘Cell Controller’ unit, you can now control the DCM and all the peripherals of the automation cell with an easy to read, easy to customize user interface. IDRA Cell Controller brings a new level of connectivity and integration, with a seamless flow of data exchange between DCM and the peripherals, to give you full control over production and process traceability.

In a single screen you have a complete diagnostic analysis of the cell, greatly improving set-up and maintenance times and costs. The DCM software is standard to give 100% reliability, and the Cell Controller offers complete flexibility and customization for many different configurations.

 Lower Maintenance Controller Costs for Peripherals

 High Quality Data and comprehensive integration

 Total safety control

 Easy customization and integration process

  Improved OEE efficiency

 Industry 4.0 ready