Injection System

The Premium Die Casting Machine from IDRA

NEO debuts the new revolutionary patented injection system, a result of an amazing R&D effort and two years of hot tests in collaboration with IDRA Group’s FSA partners.

5S is a closed loop regenerative injection with aux servo pump for efficient recharge, that gives you total control of pressure and velocity, with high dynamic force necessary to fill difficult castings, and an incredibile amount of technological enhancements to give you superior results.





At all speeds (even 10 m/s) the rod side of the injection cylinder remains always pressurized, allowing a perfect control with no cavitation of the hydraulic fluid.

Maximum dynamic force of the injection cylinder always available (2nd phase) | Improved dynamic force | Better quality of the cast part



Only one valve for injection speed control, which is inserted in the inlet side of the injection cylinder.

Better control | Less stress and heating effect Less stressed manifolds, tubes and seals



5S is designed to maximize energy saving and to achieve a long lasting life, in order to improve the eco sustainability of the machine.

Hydraulic fluid consumption reduction up to 54% | Low energy consumption | Efficient recharge and programmable pressure | Long lasting components



An hydraulic cushion is mounted with special design that manages the flow of the hydraulic fluid coming out of the rod side with constant counter pressure.

Fluid never discharged to the tank | Hydraulic fluid not emulsified | Completely smooth first step | Reduced mechanical noise during injection



5S innovative High Dynamic Force system brings revolutionary stability for injection parameters. This patented regenerative injection is giving first-class repeatability for first and second stage of velocity, while the intensification piston controlled by closed loop gives amazing final pressure.

Unrivaled stability | Top-notch repeatability | Excellent final pressure