“Every process can always be improved, and that’s the way more effective to increase its capacity and profitability”
Theory of Restrictions

Better networking, better production

The success of the companies of the future is necessarily related to their ability to evolve from an Industry 4.0 perspective. The digitalisation processes involve all the company functions which, from promoting them, must spread the new operating methods at all levels. In a world where changes are rapid, but "traceable", only companies that equip themselves with tools to: see them, interpret them and take action to address them just in time are the winners. Industry 4.0 is the starting point for the elaboration of a Business 4.0 governed by a Strategy 4.0.


Production control and KPI’s

Consumption efficiency
Minimize your consumption and your operation costs

Production Scheduling
Management and optimization of Planning

Maintenance and Processes
Reduce costs thanks to maintenance GMAO

Increase the quality and performance of your Processes

Stock and Traceability
Manage the available stock or the traceability of your products

ERP Integration
Integrate your systems easily

Know your actual production costs

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
Know when a breakdown will occur before it happens

Manage, motivate and increase performance of your team

Artificial vision
Monitor your processes by artificial vision

FOUNDRY 4.0: The future is connected

‘Smart’ is leading the way and is indisputably the wave of the future as everything is becoming automated, connected and autonomous. The goal is to run businesses with less waste and more efficiency – and with the collection of technologies we currently have at our disposal, that has never been easier.

IDRA is a front runner in building the bridge to Foundry 4.0.

With IDRA machines you can:  

  • Control and integrate all manufacturing data

  • Manage all your business data automatically and without errors

  • Maximize profits by detecting losses

  • Improve productivity by detecting failures and unexpected expenses, even before they have occurred