Better together

Foundry Star Alliance is a group of leading companies in their specific field of activity who decided to cooperate and combine efforts, with the aim of better support to feed the very rapid growth of the global light alloy HPDC markets.

The global approach of the OEM’s require a level of knowledge and skill that cannot be available in one single company. The members of the FSA are cooperating and pulling together their combined resources and specific technology; the result is the best reliable, integrated and automated high pressure die casting production cell in the market.


The Automotive industry is facing a dramatic change in production techniques due to the need for weight reduction. CO2 emission regulations and standards have become more and more restrictive therefore the power train system has to become more efficient. On the other side vehicle weight has to dramatically reduce to allow the use of smaller more efficient power systems including the use of electric motors.

FSA participants are committed to promote the use of Aluminium and Magnesium HPDC technology through various activities like presenting joint papers at technical conferences, making training courses, attending all major exhibitions and arranging focused events with the specific aim of supporting growth the HPDC foundry related industry.




We are pulling together our combined resources and specific technology to move forward, faster and stronger


Time to Market

In a quickly evolving market, we work together to anticipate the future and be the first to deliver


Green Future

FSA parters value our environment and are working towards a brigher future for our Earth. Together, we can do more.


Turn key solutions

Different skill and expertise: we can provide the solutions to solve all the various challenges of our customers